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Moving studio to South London, Woolwich

I have moved my studio and house too to South London. It is quite a big change after 14 years living in North London and knowing each corners and shops. It happened during lockdown that my partner closed his restaurant which is at New Cross and It was obvious for us that we live and work so far from each other, lets try to set up a temporary Ceramics studio in his restaurant and work together. We put up a nice display from his and mine work too....

Experimenting with PORCELAIN throwing during lockdown

I do experiments during this lockdown time with various shapes, glazes, trying out different techniques and materials. It’s exciting to work with my partner in his closed restaurant which is our temporary studio at this time. We work on a common project what requires his technical skill and my professional knowledge to create a new , unusual piece. I try to develop some new colours and couple of brand new shapes too. I am member of Muswell Hill Creatives group and we did a livestream event last week...

pottery course

Throwing basics: Centralising

The is the first and crucial part of throwing, centralising the clay. It’s very important at the beginning to wedge, prepare the clay before you do anything. Once you have done that, make sure that you have a good throw down to the wheel. pottery class throwing basics If you couldn’t get the centre of the wheel , then just help yourself and pull it to the middle. Next step to seal the edge of the clay to the wheel while the speed of the...