Moving studio to South London, Woolwich

I have moved my studio and house too to South London. It is quite a big change after 14 years living in North London and knowing each corner and shops. It happened during lockdown that my partner closed his restaurant which is at New Cross and It was obvious for us that we live and work so far from each other, let’s try to set up a temporary Ceramics studio in his restaurant and work together.

We put up a nice display from his and my work too. It got great attention from a pass by people and they turned to be customers. We experimented with different materials, techniques, glazes, finally, we had time to create things just for our own pleasure. Mihaly and I had a fantastic time exploring things together and inspiring each other. So we agreed to move in together and finding a new studio for me in South London. I didn’t have to look for so long when I have found the Riverside-Thames studios. One of the biggest Independent studio community in Europe.

I got a brand new studio on my own with great natural light and high ceiling too. I am settling in and working from there. Also, I am planning to hold a sample sale on the 16th of October, Friday 12-6 pm. So please, come and see me there and have a look at my new workshop.

My studio address:
0-110. Edit Juhasz
Harrington Way, Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR

From the shop

  • Medium Mug

  • Big Mug

  • Coffee Mug

Top Drawer Trade Show

Top Drawer Trade Show

I am delighted to participate at the Made London craft fair with other fellow designers in a new venue at Angel.

Teaching in Corsica

Teaching in Corsica

I am back to my south-London studio after 2 months teaching in Corsica. It was an incredible experience to share with my husband, who is a potter too. We taught various nationalities at the beautiful Corsican seaside. The environment and the atmosphere was relaxed,...


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