Experimenting with PORCELAIN throwing during lockdown

I do experiments with porcelain throwing during this lockdown time with various shapes, glazes, trying out different techniques and materials. It’s exciting to work with my partner in his closed restaurant which is our temporary studio at this time. We work on a common project what requires his technical skill and my professional knowledge to create a new, unusual piece. I try to develop some new colours and a couple of brand new shapes too.

I am member of Muswell Hill Creatives group and we did a Livestream event last week on Instagram. You can check out on my Instagram account and @N10creatives this conversation. I did a live throwing and talked about my products.

Teaching is one part of my business. I hope we can start with a nice group of people in September.

Please, drop me an email if you are interested. Stay positive and carry on.

Check out some of my new hand-thrown porcelain items:


From the shop

  • edit-juhasz-ceramics-coffee-cup

    Coffee Mug

  • edit-juhasz-ceramics-london-breakfast-bowl

    Breakfast Bowl

  • Edit Juhasz Ceramics Hand-Thrown Porcelain Beaker


Teaching in Corsica

Teaching in Corsica

I am back to my south-London studio after 2 months teaching in Corsica. It was an incredible experience to share with my husband, who is a potter too. We taught various nationalities at the beautiful Corsican seaside. The environment and the atmosphere was relaxed,...

Open Studios at Thames Side Studio

Open Studios at Thames Side Studio

I hope you are all well and enjoy the warmer weather. I would like to let you know about our Open Studio @Thames side studio. 10 & 11 of June. There are over 500 studios on the site so worth to visit us. All kinds of talented people open up their studios. Fine...

Craft fairs

Craft fairs

This year I will sell my table-ware with Crafty fox @Kings Cross passage 1. of April. Then , Potfest @ Glynde Place , Lewes 21-23. of April. I am looking forward to attend both events and I am making few one off pieces in black & white. Finally, there will be a 2...


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