About Me

Edit Juhasz
A little bit about me
My name is Edit Juhasz. I am the owner of a small business called EditJuhaszCeramics, and i create handcrafted tableware and unique homedecor made of porcelain

I am a hungarian born ceramicist-designer, living and working in North London for more than 14 years now. My strong skill is throwing , creating simple forms on the potters wheel. Throwing is a meditation time for me just as much as it is work, in my Finsbury park studio.

I have been throwing for over 30 years. I fell in love with clay when i was in my twenties. I have seen a documentary film about an old potter and I was mesmerised by watching the thrower. I promised myself that I have to learn this skill. I gained experience working for several artists as a production thrower , then setting up my own business.

I feel so lucky that my work is my passion. Designing and creating useful shapes for everyday life makes me happy in the ordinary working days.

A few achievements I am proud of...
Netflix project

I was commissioned to make over 200 pieces of porcelain objects for an upcomming Netflix TV series called The Duchess

Michelin star restaurant

The owner of a London based michelin star restaurant called Hedone commissioned me to make them tableware for serving the food

The StoreX in Berlin

They are a large store selling furniture, music, art and fashion products. They are one of my biggest customers, and they have been buying and selling my products for over 4 years now.