Throwing basics: Centralising

The is the first and crucial part of throwing is centralising the clay. It’s very important at the beginning to wedge, prepare the clay before you do anything. Once you have done that, make sure that you have a good throw down to the wheel.



If you couldn’t get the centre of the wheel, then just help yourself and pull it to the middle. Next step to seal the edge of the clay to the wheel while the speed of the wheel is fast. You have to fix your right hand to your hip bone, so this hand will keep the clay in the centre every time.

Your left hand adjust the lump of clay up and down to your right hand. Most of the time the middle and the downside of your palm working, putting pressure around the clay. First time push the clay up to a mountain then down to a scone shape and keep it in the centre.

Here is a short tutorial video: 

Repeat it as much as possible until you gain confidence how to keep the clay in the centre. It’s not easy and won’t happen suddenly but if you are patience sooner or later you get it right. Tips: you have to have a fixed right hand ( if you are right handed), get to know the clay, pushing up and down, be patience.

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