Experiments with volcanic sand

I have made some experiments in January & February, planning to apply for a Ceramics Biennale in Hungary. These limited edition pots will appear on my webshop soon and you will find other exciting pieces for sale. I brought back from Canary Island some fine volcanic black sand 2 years ago and I thought I would try to wedge it into the porcelain. Then I threw some teardrop shape bottles and wider bowls. The sand came through beautifully the material and the glaze. The bowls are combined with old grape branches and the fine porcelain creates a nice balance with the rough chunky wood. Watch out my space, more interesting pieces are on the way.

From the shop

  • edit-juhasz-ceramics-medium-cup

    Medium Mug

  • edit-juhasz-ceramics-pottery-porcelain-london-big-cups

    Big Mug

  • edit-juhasz-ceramics-coffee-cup

    Coffee Mug

Summer break in August and moving studio

Summer break in August and moving studio

Finally I am finishing the big order for @eagle&hodges. There was lots of throwing, firings, glazing and packing too. I couldn’t do it without my partner, Mihaly and my new studio assistant, Viktor. They helped a lot relentlessly. Before I go away, I move my...

Alex Eagle design studio & Potfest in Scotland

Alex Eagle design studio & Potfest in Scotland

I got one of my biggest order from a company Eagle & Hodge. I make dinner sets for 4 different shops, including different sizes of plates, pasta and soup bowls plus coffee mugs. I will include some of the plates, pasta bowls in my webshop, so you can order them...

Mihaly & The Rosemary restaurant

Mihaly & The Rosemary restaurant

I have decided to write about my partner and his restaurant some details as we prepare to our biggest adventure in life, getting married in this year. We met about 10 years ago and we became friends. Then he was my student as he started to learn throwing pots 4 years...


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